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Growing up amidst willow, madrone trees, and manzanita, I found a liking for nature at a young age. 

An interest in the human connection with the natural world, regarding the ways that meditation and yoga can bring one more into the present moment with joys and sorrows, as well as happiness and bliss, brought an exploration of art in a variety of media. Those included bronze, leaves, fabric and video in art school. During this adventure, oil painting also became a love. I began to take the photographic images from hikes, dreams, and discoveries, and make abstractions in paintings to convey feelings and emotions.


Throughout the process, pottery and clay arts have always been a staple aspect of expression, and show my love for the Pacific Northwest. A hope is that the work helps one to feel fully, love wholly and encounter the questions, Who am I? Where do I find peace? Where do I find inspiration?

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First Love

First Love

2014 Oil on canvas

24 x 36 inches

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